Links to ViewClix operating guides & mobile apps

Links to ViewClix operating guides & mobile apps

ViewClix 15/e and ViewClix 10/e Quick Start and User Guide:

older model purchased before 2/13/23 ViewClix Operating Guide links

ViewClix Mobile app -- App store links

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      • ViewClix remote control troubleshooting guides

        There are 2 models of the ViewClix remote control, black and silver. If you are having issues with the ViewClix remote control, please download and review the document for your ViewClix frame and remote model Here are links to PDF file downloads with ...
      • How do I login to ViewClix?

        For the person that ordered the ViewClix frame: To login, use the email and password that you created during the ordering process. If you cannot remember your password, you can reset your password here: For other family ...
      • Using/sharing with Multiple ViewClix Frames

        ViewClix users can interact and share with up to 5 different frames. When added to a frame’s Share List, the frame name will then show up in your ViewClix account. You can interact with any of the frames using the free ViewClix Mobile App or the ...
      • How can I replace ViewClix remote control battery?

        You'll first want to check if the light comes on at the top of the remote control when you press buttons. If there is no light then you may need to replace the battery. There are 2 models of the ViewClix remote control, silver and black. For the ...
      • HIPAA & ViewClix

        ViewClix requirements for HIPAA compliance ViewClix is not a not a web-camera or CCTV device.  ViewClix is a digital picture frame that also does 2-way video calling.   Regarding video calling, there are many products and services available for ...